About Us

Five Brothers On A Mission

In 1996, the Chrikjian brothers sought an opportunity to master their destiny. Sitting together one night after dinner, as we were enjoying a fine cigar and snifter of cognac, we brainstormed to devise our plan. While each of us had their own career and area of expertise, we shared a passion for life’s little luxuries in the form of premium cigars and premium liquors. As the night went on, we joked that this is a business venture we should participate in together. A few short months later, that’s exactly what we did. Together we created a niche for ourselves in our local community and quickly became one of the most reputable liquor and cigar stores in Thousand Oaks, California. Our legacy has continued to grow over the years. Today we operate multiple stores and websites that are known for quality, value, and integrity.

Thank you for visiting our website. It is our honor and pleasure to serve your premium cigar needs. Just like in our retail stores, we hope you become our online friends and neighbors as we work together to deliver you a wonderful shopping experience.

– The Brothers “C”